Welcome to my blog.

This blog is part of my James Sajo, Author web site.  This means much of what I post here will be about writing.  It might be about the progress I am making on my biggest project, it might be about a new idea I have that I’ll start working on a little later, it might refer to an article I just published somewhere.

I might make some remarks about the publishing industry in general, although I will try to avoid whining about how difficult it is for an author to “make it.”  It IS difficult, but whining about it won’t make it easier, right?

Sometimes, I will digress though, and write a post about something that has nothing to do with writing at all.  Hopefully, whatever I write will generate some interest.  Please feel free to make comments (keep them clean) or ask questions (but don’t get personal) or mention something about one of my books or articles you have read (so YOU are the one!) or give me some suggestions about what you’d like to see me write.


I don’t have a marketing or advertising department.  I don’t have a big budget to get the word out about my work.  For that reason, I ask each of you and all of you to mention this blog, this web site, my books, my articles, my Google+ profile my Goodreads profile, and my Facebook page to your friends.

If you have read any of my books, why not take five minutes to put a short review on Amazon or Goodreads?

A book that has more reviews will automatically get “suggested” on Amazon.  You know — where you are looking at one book, and down near the bottom of the page, there is a section that says something like “people who read this book also read these books…” That simple suggestion can result in a significant boost in sales.

Goodreads is home to many, many people who are book bloggers – bloggers with lots of followers.  If a book on Goodreads has plenty of reviews, it might show up in a blog, and that can generate more sales.

Just to be clear about this, I am not asking anyone to inflate a review.  If you read “The Salome Effect” and thought it was just OK, say that.  Be honest, please. If you completely hated it, though, maybe it’s better if you don’t mention it.

So, that is my introduction to this blog.  Come back and check in again soon.  I hope to put something here every week.